Prepares Guide Silver
Well I just couldn't do it - I could not ignore these beauties. Yes I already have the Finds and the Paisleys, but I NEEDED to have these too!!! Same gorgeous comfy style, same funky buckle, but check out that shiny leather! Space-aged funkiness!
What I love most about these shoes is that they will go with absolutely everything and will take you anywhere you need to go. The shiny metallic leather is definitely awesome. And the comfort! Everyone NEEDS a pair of Guides in their shoe stable. I wore mine all day yesterday and I felt like a million bucks! Must be time to buy a lotto ticket :o)
Even though this style looks like a decent sized heel, it's so easy to wear with the hidden platform. Try these! I promise you'll love them!!!!
Thank you again Christina and Jef for your amazing customer service, and for bringing this style in ... I sincerely hope there are more Guide styles in your future collections!

Enneagram Enthusiast
Truly ... you could wear these shoes to bed and happily fall asleep, so comfortable they are! I have worn these all weekend and have barely taken them off. Did I sleep in them? Not telling!
The leather is beautifully soft and I can tell it will mold perfectly after a few more wears. No pressure points, no rubbing, and no aches. These are just the ticket for those days you have to be in shoes from morning til night! They will become my 'go to' shoes for everyday wear.
The little heels are so cute! I'm definitely a 'pink' type of person, but even if you aren't, the pink is very light and not in your face. Loving the round toe too, and the interlacing. If these were available in another colour, I'd buy a second pair in a heartbeat!I am sooo glad I added these to my 'Vog stable! Thanks Chris and Jef as always for your awesome service and shoe chats!! :o). 

Prepares Propel
OMG, first pair of Vogs, and they rock. So stylish and comfortable. Won't be able to stop at one pair, am addicted. Have to say that my "Vog Dealers", Christina and Jef are the best, hand delivering my vogs. Luv you guys, can't wait for my next fix.

Esoteric Temptations Odette ( Black & White )
I have recently purchased my first pair of Vogs from Timeless Soles. I chose the Odettes in black and white and I have to say automatically I am hooked! Very stylish and very comfortable, well worth the money. I know this will be my first pair of a future collection and I cannot recommend Timeless Soles enough. Fabulous service from a great couple who even hand delivered my first pair, you can't get better service than that. Thanks very much from a soon to be repeat customer.

Esoteric Temptations Odette ( Black & White )
The Odette is here! They arrived this morning, and I couldn't help but cackle wickedly as I tore off the paper and opened the box! These are seriously elegant and beautiful shoes, with amazing lines and curved heels that will take your breath away. Apart from being awesomely witchy with their skullicious silver buckles, flared up heel backs and bumped toes, these are extremely bewitching and beguiling for their shiny black leather and its white scuffed look. Be prepared for stares and glares as you become the envy of all around you! What I totally adore about these shoes, is that they will fit in anywhere. Easily dress them up or dress them down; John Fluevog has gotten it dead right yet again.
I immediately stepped into these and have been wearing them all morning, and I can't stop admiring myself! The height is about perfect for me, and they feel very stable with their square heel piece 'where the rubber meets the road', so to speak! I'm off to cast some spells ... now where did I put my broomstick?!

Prepares Find
Oh my goodness ... I have been wearing my new FINDS today and I am so in love with these shoes that it's almost criminal. I can't stop looking at my feet, and I would kiss these shoes if I could bend down that far!! They are driving me insane with their aesthetics!
Just like my other Guides in the paisley, these ones are soft and sumptuous and sooo very comfortable. The leather lining is bliss on your soles, and this style of shoe is so comfortable and easy to wear. I have mine on today with jeans, but you could so easily rock these shoes to a board meeting or a wedding! They look high, but the hidden platform makes these so easy to walk in, and I feel safe; not like I'm about to topple over in front of a bus!
The colourway of these shoes is stunning. The berry is divine and what a stroke of genius putting it with the dots! Amazing all round. Happiness filled I am!! :o)

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US 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 12*
EUROPEAN 35 35.5 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 42*

*only available in selected styles.


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< 1.56M 0 1 1 2

< 1.63M

0 1 2 3 4
< 1.70M 1 2 3 3 4
< 1.77M 2 3 3 4
< 1.84M 4

KEY: 1 = S, 2 = M, 3 = L, 4 = XL