• Who is the designer? Where is he from?

The designer is John Fluevog. Hailing from Vancouver BC, Canada, John designs and produces untraditional shoes in traditional methods, using eco-friendly materials where possible.

  • How long has Fluevog been around?

John Fluevog has provided Unique Soles for Unique Souls since 1970.

  • Does John actually design all the shoes?

Most of what you see are John’s own original designs. Sometimes, however, they come to him in dreams, so the design credit technically goes to God. In some cases, there is a celestial music and new designs float into the design office on little fairy wings. In other cases, John leaves work very late at night, returning the next morning to find brilliant new shoe designs waiting, with no trace of authorship. As you can understand, the only explanation possible is that God is responsible for the latter two methods, whether directly or through Angel delegation. So, at John Fluevog Shoes, they officially have two designers: John and God. Sometimes they fight over who’s head designer.

  • What do the letters DDFT stand for on the pull tabs on my shoes?

“Don’t Delay Fluevog Today!”



  • What size should I order? How does this style run?

That is a very tricky question! The best bet is to get in touch with us via our Contact a Sole page and we will try to guide you in how each style fits. If you have other Fluevog styles, you might want to mention which sizes you have in these styles for a more accurate size suggestion. 

  • What is the largest/smallest size you carry?

Most of our women’s shoes range from a Women’s 6 to a Women’s 11, although a few styles do come in a Women’s 5 and 12.

We try our best to provide footwear for everyone, and try to provide smaller and larger sizes when given the opportunity of extending the size run.

  • Do you carry Women’s sizes 5 or 12?

Unfortunately not all styles come in those sizes. On occasion we will bring styles in that do have these sizes and when this occurs we will advise via our Soles Arriving Soon page. 

  • How does Fluevog measure the height of a heel?

By drawing a perpendicular line from the ground to the top of the heel (below the heel cup).

  • What sizing system do you use?

We use US shoe sizing. When in doubt, measure your foot from the heel to the longest toe and give us that measurement in the customer comment box when you place an order. It also helps a lot if you already own a pair of Fluevogs, and let us know which style and size they are. 
Check out our Sizing section for more details.



  • How many shoes of one style does John Fluevog make?

Each style will usually come in two or three colours and Fluevog will produce between 120 – 300 pairs of shoes. When you divide that between all of the stores, there aren’t that many! Long story short, very very few people in the world will have the same shoes as you. That’s pretty unique, depending on whom you hang out with.

  • Why can’t I find the style I’m looking for in your online store?

There are just way too many cool styles for us to choose from so we have to make the very difficult decision to only bring in what we think our customers will want to buy. Will we get it wrong sometimes? I'm sure we will as we can't account for everyone's taste but we will do our darndest to make sure we have a really amazing collection.

  • Why did Fluevog stop making this shoe?

To be honest, John is an artist. New ideas and inspirations occur continuously and need to be explored in the mind of an artist. It’s not exciting to do the same thing over and over, and it’s exciting to design new and never before seen shoes and boots. Of course, some styles have become so ingrained into Fluevogian culture it’s hard to imagine Fluevogs without Angels or…. Some old styles get reinvented, and remade, but only John decides that.

  • Why is this style discontinued?

Sometimes Fluevog need to make room for new styles. They make a very limited amount of shoes and boots, and even though it’s a hard decision to make, they do have to discontinue old styles on occasion.

  • Will John ever make this style again? Can you make old styles?

The chances are very slim, so we are officially saying “no.” But from time to time, John has surprised us all by bringing out an old style, sometimes exactly and sometimes a new interpretation of that style. But it doesn’t happen very often.

  • I can’t find my size online! This shoe is out of stock on your website. Do you have it in stores?

We import in a very limited amount of shoes, and with that an even more limited number of sizes. Everything in our inventory is available online. If the style is regular price and some of the sizes are sold out, there is a chance the style may get restocked (or hasn’t been received yet in all stores). If this is the case, you can let us know via the Contact a Sole page and we’ll email you when we get more stock in! If the item is on sale or in clearance, it generally means it is sold out and won’t be restocked.

  • Why are the shoes sold out?

Despite Fluevog's global and awesome presence, they actually are a very small company that makes a very limited number of shoes. In most cases, they only make the factory ‘minimum’, which could be only a couple hundred pairs. Divided between the US and Canada stores, and assorted international accounts, that means a style and colour might only arrive in each store in 10-20 pairs, 1-2 pairs per size. Fluevog shoes sell out very fast, so if you see something you like, don’t wait too long- they might be gone before you know it!

  • Do you have this shoe in a different colour?

Unfortunately not. If you don’t see it online, we don’t have it available in another colour. That’s not to say it never was made in a different colour, or that it will come out next year in a new colour, but if you don’t see it online, it isn’t available for purchase. 

  • You should make a shoe like this…

Fluevog get many suggestions, from spring-loaded heels to trampoline shoes. They are all fantastic suggestions, but not always their thing. The best way to get your suggestion into John’s head is to submit your design through their Open Source Program. Playing (loosely) off of Open Source software, Fluevogers can share their design ideas online. If John is inspired by your idea, he’ll turn your design into actuality. Not only is it named after you, you get a free pair too!



  • Where are these shoes made?

Fluevog shoes are designed in Vancouver, Canada, but are made all over the world.

Large portions of Fluevog shoes are made in Portuguese factories; some they have been working with since God was a boy. They also use factories in Mexico, Peru, China, and Vietnam. All of their factories are ISO 9002 certified, which is primarily an international quality certification, that relates to consistency and standards of production and quality. In addition to that, from an ethical standard, their factories fully comply with the Labour Law of the PRC Act of 2007 (also know as the Worker’s Rights Act of 2008). This brings all of their factories in line with “Western” labour standards, and they are all checked regularly.

  • What shoes are made in Portugal?

Adriana, Esotheric Temptations, Prepares, Soprano, Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom, Rockstar, Ruth, Views

  • What shoes are made in Peru?

Elegant Conversations

  • What does handmade mean?

Although most of Fluevog's shoes are lasted (leather stretched over the last) and stitched by a machine, it actually takes a skilled and trained professional to manoeuvre the machine properly. However, their factories in Peru and Mexico actually last and stitch the shoes by hand using traditional methods used for centuries. We are passionate about shoes, and get really really excited about this.

  • What kind of materials does Fluevog use in their shoes?

Fluevog believes that leather offers the best protection, breathability and durability for footwear. Fluevog primarily uses cow leather, but they also use calf, sheep or pigskin lining for all of their footwear. The leathers are sourced from all over the world, from Argentina to Brazil, Peru, China, Mexico, Spain, Portugal and Italy. The leathers are all individually unique in their characteristics, and vary in everything from high-end European materials to hand-finished leathers. For example, the leathers used for production in Vietnam are some of the best leathers found in Europe; and the leathers used in production in Peru and Mexico are from the factories own tanneries, who use local hides.

In the last few years, they have been using eco-friendly, vegetable-tanned leathers wherever they can and because it is an industry that is still growing, they will be using more as new options in the industry become available.

Their soles come in a variety of different materials, depending on how they want the shoe to look and perform. For example, a dress shoe will use leather soles or Tunite (a rubber mixture produced in Portugal). Their soles can also be 100% biodegradable Havea tree latex, sapped from the Havea tree in Vietnam. Almost all of their shoes are cemented using water-based glues, and their boxes are recycled materials printed with soy-based inks.

  • What’s veggie-tanned leather?

Veggie-tanned leathers are dyed and tanned using vegetables, instead of the industry standard (for the last 200 years) of using chromates and other heavy metals. It’s still leather, but 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable without any toxic waste. Not many shoe companies use veggie-tanned leathers. Only recently have options opened up in the leather industry for veggie tans, and Fluevog hopes to use more once they become available.



A native of Lyon, Valérie studied at the Emile Cohl school, where she graduated with distinction and special jury prize for "her humor and the diversity of the techniques used" ... A humor that is found in each of her Collections.

In February 2011, she presented her first collection at a special exhibition at the Village des Créateurs. She was successful in opening a boutique where she could present and sell her creations. With each release of a new model, Valerie already has an idea of ​​the next.

She watches the women around her, in the street, the subway, she dreams of drawings that adapt to the leg, which sublimate it. The question that Valerie poses before creating each tights; What would my daughter, my friends? This woman whom I met yesterday, what universe corresponds to her? "

Today, thanks to the creativity and determination of her team, Marie Antoilette celebrates her 6th birthday. It took off in new manufacturing premises in March 2016. Located in the artisanal center of Monsieur Guimet in Fleurieu sur Saône. It thus benefits from a very large space opening on the workshops charged with the history of the inventor of Blue, the blue Guimet. The entire production of Marie Antoilette tights is made in France, from design to packaging!

Interview with Marie!
Who are your tights for?

FOR ALL ! Marie Antoilette addresses all women, free and malicious in search of a bit of madness in their wardrobe. Switching to French manufacture offers Marie Antoilette the chance to adapt to all women. Five sizes and designs worked to not be distorted by size.

I see, and, how do you proceed?

Marie Antoilette has developed an unstoppable technique for using the thermal sublimation machine. A method that allows to render the finesse of the graphics of Valerie. The colors are there and they stay there, the team is working its tests and its development constantly.

Woah ... And why Marie Antoilette?

In choosing this name, one evidently makes the link with Marie Antoinette, this queen who mixed elegance and extravagance, far from the rigors of her etiquette. Humor, joy and independence of tone.

How to Put on your hosiery

1. Please use cotton or silky gloves when you put on your hosiery. Remove all items from your hands and wrists. Moisturise your hands,heals and legs.

2. Firstly one of the legs of the pantyhose needs to be gathered from the toe to the knee using your index finger and thumb. Your toes then go in that gathering that has been created. Ensure that the seam is horizontal across your toes.

3. The gathered stocking is then gently pulled over your heal, up the calf and over the knee. Avoid pulling too hard and avoid twisting the stocking. Repeat this process for the other leg.

4. Once both of the hosiery legs are stretched up and over the knees, alternate the unravelling of the hose between both legs, then up over your hips.

5. This process prevents the possibility of a run in your tights.




  • What forms of payment do you accept for online orders?

We accept Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards and payment into our account via Online Banking.

  • Should I be worried about giving out my credit card number and personal information?

    Here at Timeless Soles we use Payment Express to handle all our online payments and they are committed to data security. Payment Express uses a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. For example, Payment Express stores the data in computer servers with limited access that are located in controlled facilities secured by the latest in surveillance and security technology. When Payment Express transmits sensitive information (such as a credit card numbers), Payment Express protects it through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. Credit card details stored onsite are encrypted using 168bit 3DES encryption. Payment Express is a level 1 certified PCI-DSS compliant provider.

    • What happens once I submit my order?

    Once you have confirmed your purchase after filling in all your information, you will be sent an email with your order confirmation number. It is important that you hang on to this number, as this is how we will be able to track your order should you have any questions or concerns. Please ensure that the email address you type in is one that you respond to to prevent delays with your order. If you’ve signed up for a Timeless Soles Account, you can also track your order online. All orders are subject to availability.

    • Why are Fluevogs so expensive?

    Fluevog try to use the best possible leathers, which tend to be the most expensive leathers in the industry. They use traditional methods like partial blake construction, or good-year welting, which adds years to your soles, but are some of the most expensive ways to make shoes.

    On top of using top shelf materials, they make a very limited amount of shoes, usually factory minimums which can be quite expensive. It’s the difference between the productions of Ferraris versus Honda Civics; both are great cars but one is singularly fine tuned while the other is mass-produced. After all these factors are put into place, and you realize only 100 people in the world might have the same specific model and colour in their closet as yours, you begin to wonder how they are able to keep the prices somewhat affordable?!

    • How fast can I get my shoes?

    If you really need your shoes desperately you can phone to make an appointment to visit our showroom at Mount Maunganui or if this is not possible then phone us to make your purchase and we will do our very best to get them to you quick smart. Normally shipping is free however for urgent orders you will be responsible for paying the courier costs and we make no guarantees the product will arrive at your expected time.

    • How long will my shoes take to get to me?

    At Timeless Soles our goal is to dispatch your order within 2 working days. If we are extremely busy we will do everything we can to dispatch within 3 working days. In the unfortunate circumstance where an item is sold out, we will advise you promptly so you can consider an alternative or receive a full refund. Items shipped within New Zealand are expected to arrive within 5 working days or less depending on the location. Items shipped to other locations around the globe are expected to arrive within 14 days or less depending on location and local delivery mechanisms. Timeless Soles cannot take responsibility for any delays caused by destination customs clearance processes. We are unable to redirect orders once they are dispatched.

    • Where is the warehouse, and where do my online orders come from?

    Everything is shipped from Mount Maunganui.

    • Do you ship to PO Boxes?

    No we don't. As these items are of high quality and are delivered via courier they need to be signed for by the purchaser or their representative.






      Size Chart



      US 5 5.5 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 12*
      EUROPEAN 35 35.5 36 36.5 37 37.5 38 38.5 39 39.5 40 40.5 41 42*

      *only available in selected styles.


      US 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10 10.5 11 11.5 12 12.5 13
      EUROPEAN 40 40.5 41 41.5 42 42.5 43 43.5 44 44.5 45 45.5 46



      HEIGHT / WEIGHT 40 / 49 50 / 59 60 / 69 70 / 79 80 / 89
       < 1.50M 0 0 1 2
      < 1.56M 0 1 1 2

      < 1.63M

      0 1 2 3 4
      < 1.70M 1 2 3 3 4
      < 1.77M 2 3 3 4
      < 1.84M 4

      KEY: 1 = S, 2 = M, 3 = L, 4 = XL