Musings from the Sole - Apr 20

April 20, 2016

Another month has ticked by already and what a busy month it has been for Timeless Soles! Our order that was due to arrive by sea in May had an unexpected mishap in Portugal ( it missed the boat!! ) so we had to air freight it here to ensure all the new products are available for the Hamilton Expo on the 14/15th of May. It costs a helluva lot more to air freight than sea freight but it was so worth it to see all the new models here early. So many very happy customers got to purchase their shoes a month earlier than expected and they were absolutely delighted.

We've had some really awesome reviews done from various customers so if you get a chance please do check them out. They have been done on the Nuni, the Propel, the Enthusiast and the Odette. It's an absolute privilege for us to bring these shoes into NZ for everyone to experience how truly wonderful they look & feel so when we get such positive feedback it is the most rewarding feeling ever.

Our range is slowly building and I hope you agree that the new additions are exceptional additions. It's not easy selecting out of the many wonderful models available and we normally only get to view pictures on the screen but this time we had the awesome experience of FaceTiming with Adrian Fluevog and he was able to show us the shoes in real time, spin them around etc and talk to us about each one. It gave us a great insight into what they looked like from all angles and we were able to ask many questions of Adrian regarding the fit. Personally I think we did an awesome job and we've heard from a few people that what we have chosen was spot on. It's not easy but we try :-) 

Next month we have our very first Expo in Hamilton and we've been working very hard to try and design a very cool booth in which to display the shoes. These have never been displayed in public before so we want to make sure we do them justice. Fingers crossed. We have some very cool art work from Fluevog, a totally new and funky shelving system and some other out there bits & pieces that we think will create the right environment. Here's hoping! Please come along if you are in the Waikato region or even skip on down the motorway if you are in Auckland. It's the Womens Lifestyle Expo and it's on at the Claudelands Event Centre, May 14 & 15.

OK, enough from us, just remember, be Bold, be Unique, be Yourself, Be a Fluevogger!

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